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If you are interested in using Tracktion to make your own light scapes,
this tutorial will give you a head start in setting up a project.

How to get a eLSD Tracktion Project going:

- Install free version of Tracktion

- Import project     "eLSD - example 1 - mono.trkarch"     from archive file.

How to get the MIDI goggles to work:

- make sure, goggles are plugged in before starting Tracktion.

- red LED should be flashing, green LED should be ON continuously.

- go to "settings" tab -> "MIDI I/O" and set the MIDI goggles to "default MIDI output"

... NOTE: the goggles should show up as "MIDI Goggles" or as "USB Audio Device"

- open "eLSD Frequ - Col - phase - random - res" Edit (double click)

- if not done yet, click on "input section" of each track and

- then set "Destination Output" to "Default MIDI output" (each track !)

- save your example project ...

- make sure all tracks are "un-muted" and then hit the play button to activate the eLSD.

This is the theory and it has been shown to work for us.
Any problems, give us a yell.

How to get the "control editor" to work:

- goto "options" and enable "Auto show MIDI editor toolbar"

- hover over a track and "double click" the red bar at the top, to expand the track

- now, when hovering over this track, the "MIDI editor toolbar" should pop up

- turn ON "Control" (top left) and click on "Type" (left middle) to select "Pitchwheel"

           ... (this will select Pitchwheel for all tracks)

- the Pitchwheel control data should now be visible.

- use the "pencil tool" (or other) to draw new control data ...

           ... if you "zoom in" you can draw "higher resolution" control values.

- double click other track (red bar at the top) to make (pitchwheel) control data visible.

How to change MIDI channel:

- click on the the red bar at the top of the track

- in the "clip window" (bottom) you can change Name, channel, length of track and so forth

'hope this helps
Any problems, give us a yell

Once you have mastered this BASIC tutorial,

... then you are ready for STEP 2 and a more advanced scenario:

- Import project     "eLSD - example 2 - chaos.trkarch"     from archive file

       ... and OFF with the "Training Wheels"

- This example is making use of the BRIGHTNESS control, Goggle RESET, and a few other things

- it also has a Audio File added to the project just to show how easy this is.

- The Audio File is actually a MIDI Theremin recording ...

- after importing, you might have to assign the MIDI "Destination Output" again.

- There is definitely more "eLSD" happening here !

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