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How to use the TouchDAW (Android) App to control the MIDI Goggles:

- When TouchDAW opens, it looks something like this:

- To open the "Tool box" of TouchDAW, click the "Tripple Dots" bottom right corner.

- from here, you can switch to the X/Y pads or to the Setup menue.

Setting up the USB (OTG) MIDI interface :

- TouchDAW is using 2 separate MIDI interfaces.

- One, that seems to be getting in the way sometimes (DAW Controller ... we don't need)

- and another one for the "MIDI utilities" which is the one we want (!)

- First, we need to send the "DAW Controller" interface "into the woods"

- and then we will setup our USB OTG interface for the MIDI Goggles.

- Select the "DAW Controller" menue and somehow convince TouchDAW to ...

      ... NOT use the USB MIDI interface for the "DAW Controller" !

- You may have to do this with the MIDI Goggles "un-plugged"

- Then go to the "MIDI Utilities" menue to continue your setup.

- The MIDI Goggles need to be "plugged IN" for this to succeede.

- When you have the MIDI Goggles showing up as in the picture below,

          ... then you are ready to move to the next step.

- Enter the "XY-Controllers / Launchpads" menue to continue ...

- and setup the X/Y Pads (2 XY controller pads) as shown below.

- Then enter the "MIDI assignments" menue ...

- and setup midi channel number and CC for the LHS and RHS as shown below.

- scroll down a bit ...

- Now, open the tool box again ...

- and select "XY-pads" to control your MIDI Goggles ... with your THUMBS !

and congratulations, well done.
... enjoy

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