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The electronic Light Scape Device ( eLSD TM )

What we have discovered is a exciting new way to experience music ...

Simply plug the Psychedelic Goggles into your mobile device ...

Start your eLSD Player ... and

be taken to a new level of musical perception and experience !

What is the "electronic Light Scape Device" ?

The "electronic Light Scape Device" or "Psychedelic MIDI Goggles" as we like to call it, are a pair of goggles that allow you to create a dynamic Light Scape in front of your eyes. This Light Scape can be controlled via your mobile device (Smart Phone or Tablet) or it can be controlled by your Laptop or your PC.

One exciting application for the MIDI Goggles is the "eLSD Player". The eLSD Player is a mobile device application that allows you to play a specifically designed Light Show, synchronised to a specific song or any other audio recording, opening the doors for a entirely new Audio-Visual experience for musicians and listeners alike.

What does it actually do ?

Our Patented Psychedelic MIDI Goggles work by gently pulsing light and color in front of your eyes. The pulsating light and the changing color influence you brain waves and the state of your mind. This pulsating light can make you more alert, more relaxed, more creative, sleepy, dreamy, awake and so forth, depending on the color of the light and the way it is pulsating.

The pulsating light also induces a "Psychedelic Colour Experience" in your mind. The colours and the shapes that seem to appear out of nowhere are controlled by the Light Scape sequence.

What exactly is the eLSD Player ?

The eLSD Player is a simple app that allows you to play a "eLsD File" together with a "music file" (a audio file in mp3 or any other format). The eLSD Player makes sure, the music is played in perfect sync with the eLSD File containing the "electronic Light Scape" sequence that controls the colours in the Psychedelic MIDI Goggles.

Each eLSD File is specifically designed to match a specific song. Each song has its own eLSD File, that has been carefully crafted by the artist to provide a unique "electronic Light Scape" experience to go with the music.

What is a eLSD file ?

The eLsD File contains the "electronic Light Scape" that controls the colours in the Psychedelic Goggles. Each eLSD File is specifically designed to match a specific song to provide a unique "electronic Light Scape" experience to go with the music, or it can be totally random, if you want to.

You can download eLSD files from SoundCloud (subject to negotiation) or from other participating websites. Or you can make your own eLSD Files, if you like. The method to create eLSD Files is "open source" and anyone can create and share a eLSD File for ANY song, without any copyright violation. Creating eLSD Files can easily be done by using standard "off the shelf and FREE" software tools available online.

Psychedelic MIDI Goggles ( eLSD TM )

What other ways are there to control the Goggles ?

Initially, the idea behind the MIDI Goggles was to facilitate Brainwave Entrainment and to make this accessable to a larger audience. When designing the software and testing a few algorithms, we noticed this "astonishing effect" the goggles had on our creativity and the positive boost it gave us, in our ability to make music.

This was a truly mind blowing realisation. We realised, we had just discovered "the tip of a massive iceberg of mind-blowing proportion". To our further astonishment, we also noticed the symbiotic effect between music and the light scapes, when played together.

Needless to say, we have 3 competing uses for the MIDI Goggles and decided to make the eLSD Player our "number 1 target". This should by no means diminish the other uses. The goggles are a great tool to boost your creativity, we believe, but they are also great fun, to just explore the psychedelic light scapes using a tablet and your two thumbs.

Please check out our "First Kickstarter Campaign" if you would like to find out more about this truly amazing discovery.

Using the MIDI Goggles with a Tablet:

See how easy it is to be in control of the "Psychedelic Colour Experience" by using a Tablet device and some "freely available Software" (TouchDAW apk in this case). Setting up the software is easy and takes only 5 minutes, if you follow the "Tablet Example online" . No driver installation required ! Just plug the MIDI Goggles into the USB port of your Tablet (Android in this example) and you are good to go.

In this example, the left X/Y PAD has been set up to control the pulsing-frequency (up - down) and the brightness (left - right). The right X/Y PAD has been set up to control the individual colours of the left side of the goggles and the right side of the goggles independently. By holding the tablet in your hands, the left thumb and the right thumb together, can create the Light Scape in "real time" just like a video game. Of course, you could use this (or similar) software on a smart phone as well.

The MIDI Goggles operating from a Tablet device

Using the MIDI Goggles with Tracktion:

For a more automated experience, you could use free MIDI software (like Tracktion 4) on a Laptop, to "draw up" a Light Scape and then re-play it as many times as you want to, even combining the Light Scape with an audio track (music, sounds, voice ...) like this:

Tracktion-4 Screenshot showing a Light Scape example

You can save the Light Scape as an "eLSD file" ( .mid ) and play it on an "eLSD Player" on your mobile device (!) to take your dose of eLSD whenever you need it :) i.e. before a gig ...

Check out the "Free Tracktion 4 Tutorial" for more information.

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