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Excerpt from our Kickstarter Campaign:

About this project

Initially, the idea behind the patented Psychedelic MIDI Goggles was to facilitate Brainwave Entrainment and to make this accessable to a larger audience. When designing the software and testing a few algorithms, we noticed this "amazing effect" the goggles had on our creativity and the positive boost it gave us, in our ability to make music.

This was a truly mind blowing realisation.

To our astonishment, we also noticed the symbiotic effect between music and the electronic Light Scapes, when played together. The mind seems to automatically try to correlate the psychedelic colours and images with the music.

This is a exiting new way of experiencing your favourite music, when listening to a song accompanied by a "song specific" electronic Light Scape, using the eLSD Player (TM).

Furthermore, we envisage for you to be able to play/download a song plus matching Light Scape from say "SoundCloud" . This would be nothing short of awesome. Needless to say, we have many competing uses for the Psychedelic MIDI Goggles.

The goggles are a great tool to boost your creativity, we believe, but they are also great fun, if you like, to just explore the psychedelic effects using a tablet and your own two thumbs, a bit like a Video Game.

Find out how to do this: here

The MIDI Goggles "thumb operated" from a Tablet device
The MIDI Goggles "thumb operated" from a Tablet device

Our Vision is: To create a device to manipulate the state of your mind, to super charge the creative power of your mind ... the "electronic Light Scape Device". By using specific Light Scape Sequences, you can achieve your desired state of mind in a matter of minutes, with ease. You can also create your very own personal electronic Light Scape Sequences, if you want to.

... and this is how it works:

Benefits for you:

Increase your creative potential - super charge the creative power of your mind - intensify your "awake" state - be in control of your creative energy - turn ON your creative mind when you need it ... and be the best you can be !

Be in total control of the Light Scape experience - take your electronic Light Scape Device anywhere - be part of the new wave of mind expanding electronic devices - make your own personal Sound and Light Scape - share your Sound and Light Scapes with others on www.eLSD.horst.com.au ... and let others participate on your creation.

Enjoy the psychedelic color experience the eLSD is inducing - train your mind for a lucid dreaming experience - overcome your Jetlag faster - slow down your brain waves before going to bed for a better sleep - use the electronic Light Scape Device as a relaxation and meditation aid or use it as a potential learning aid for accelerated learning of languages ... and more.

the "electronic Light Scape Device" comes in many colors ...
the "electronic Light Scape Device" comes in many colors ...

How it works: The Psychedelic MIDI Goggles gently pulse light and color in front of your eyes. The pulsating light and the color influence you brain waves and the state of your mind. This pulsating light can make you more alert, more relaxed, more creative, sleepy, dreamy, awake and so forth, depending on the color of the light and the way it is pulsating.

This technology is called "Brainwave Entrainment" and it has been around for some time (for decades in fact !) It has been proven to work and it is also used in some therapeutic medical procedures. As a side effect of the pulsing and changing light, you have this "Psychedelic Experience" where your mind starts to create colors and images all on its own :)

To find out more about the science of "Brainwave Entrainment" check out the following links:

Audio visual entrainment

Dream machine

Brain stimulation therapies.html

The vivid colors of the display can be any color of the full light spectrum, from red, orange, green, yellow to blue, purple and so forth, including white. The colours of the left side can be controlled independently from the colours of the right side.

Do I need to be an expert to use the Goggles ? No ... We will provide you with a wide collection of electronic Light Scapes via our website www.eLSD.horst.com.au and we envisage other (experts or not) to share their creations via our website. Naturally most of the Light Scape Sequences we provide on our website initially, will aim to stimulate your mind, to increase the creative power of your mind, to make you more "awake" and to switch your mind into a supercharged state.

We will also provide easy to follow video tutorials to walk you through the process of creating your own electronic Light Scapes. We will provide you with templates, so you can get started immediately and get the most enjoyment out of the goggles in no time at all. Just take the template and start creating interesting pulsating Sound and Light Scapes.

One of the Key Features of the electronic Light Scape Device is: The electronic Light Scape Sequence is fully programmable using freely available MIDI-Editor/Composer software. Left and right color, light intensity, pulse-frequency, pulse-wave-shape and so on, can simply be "drawn" with the computer-mouse and then played directly from the MIDI-Editor/Composer software (in sync with audio recordings) or it can be saved as a MIDI File (.mid or .eLSD) to be played some time later with our soon to be completed eLSD Player(TM), using a Smart Phone, a Tablet or some other device ...

Very cool :)

Using Tracktion 4 (free) to create a "Light Scape"
Using Tracktion 4 (free) to create a "Light Scape"

The goggles work like a USB output device and can be plugged into the USB port of your Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone. The pulsating light can be easily controlled by what we call a "electronic Light Scape Sequence". The Light Scape Sequence can be combined with a audio track to create a Sound and Light experience.

Find out how to setup Tracktion 4 : here

I guess, some of you have already figured it out: The USB output device is actually a "MIDI device" and can be controlled by sending MIDI commands to it via the USB interface :) The electronic Light Scape File (.mid or .eLSD) contains MIDI events (i.e. pitch-bend, note-ON and other MIDI-messages)

which means: Light Scape Files can be played from any MIDI-player that can sent the MIDI-events to the USB port :) This also means, there is already a whole lot of Software out there (Tracktion, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper, Ableton and many more) that allow you to create your own electronic Light Scapes and combine them with any audio you like (!)

For more information see: here

We aim to make the eLSD Player (TM) available for free, to play audio recordings in sync with the electronic Light Scape File containing the saved Light Scape Sequence, to allow for a Audio Visual experience. This software will be in the form of an "app" running on your Tablet or your Smart Phone etc ...

The "electronic Light Scape" Goggles in BLACK :)
The "electronic Light Scape" Goggles in BLACK :)

The PCBs "Made in China"
The PCBs "Made in China"

State of the Project:

The patent has been granted (hurray).

The hardware has been fully developed and we have manufactured the first batch of circuit boards in china. The first 20 goggles (V1) have been fully assembled.

The embedded software has been tested with our first set of 20 goggles and has shown to work reliably and well.

Our Production Timeline:

Product Timeline
Product Timeline

The next step would be to optimize the PCBs for automated manufacturing and to also continue the development of the eLSD Player (TM) for the Android devices and the iPhone etc.

We have already prepared for the manufacturing to "kick off" in Thailand and everyone in the team is just waiting for the "go ahead".

Please take note of our disclaimer here

Risks and challenges

As with everything in life, there is always a risk that things don't pan out the way we expected them to. We have done a good amount of software testing and don't expect any surprises here. The goggles USB interface has been tested for compatibility with the most common types of operating systems like Windows and the Apple OSX, as well as iOS and Android.

The goggles USB interface is a standard MIDI interface, but it would be impossible to test our goggles with every conceivable device. So, there is always a "incompatibility risk" if you are using a device we have not been able to verify for correct interface operation. We have a high level of confidence that the goggles will work with all standard USB interfaces.

Connecting the goggles to a mobile Phone or a Tablet usually requires an OTG USB-interface on the Phone/Tablet and also requires an application to sent USB data from the Phone/Tablet to the goggles. Those applications will be available as "apps" where you can play electronic Light Scape Files and Audio files together i.e. the eLSD Player (TM), but the release of those apps may be delayed, depending on the challenges we encounter during the execution of the project.

Further more, obtaining parts is always a potential cause for delays, especially if they become temporarily unavailable. We have endeavoured to stick to the most commonly available parts and have multiple sources available, where ever possible.

And then of course, there is the general risk of sickness, death, war or natural disaster and other "Acts of God" type of events. We just hope the world will not be "falling apart" within the next few month :)

All taxes and/or import duties to be paid by the purchaser. The purchase, importation and operation of this device remains entirely the responsibility of the purchaser and the purchaser needs to ensure the legality and the safety of use in the country of designated delivery and/or the legality of import into the country of designated delivery. For legal reasons, we have to inform you that, if you plug the goggles into a USB port, it is at your own risk. The goggles are only provided as an "output device" and we can't take any responsibility for what is being sent to the goggles via the USB port.

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