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We currently only stock the Black Cyber Goggles (as shown below) BUT ... there are a multitude of different cyber goggle designs available on ebay (with spikes or without) most of them are suitable to be fitted with the "MIDI Goggles Circuit Board"

... So ...

if you already have your favorite design of Cyber Goggles,

you can buy a "MIDI Goggles KIT" instead !

Black Psychedelic MIDI Goggles in stock now !

The "MIDI Goggles KIT" comprises the two circuit boards (programmed with the correct MIDI software) and a "rainbow bridge" to connect the two circuit boards together, plus 4 white "vinyl sticker filters" to put on either side of the round glass (or plastic) disks of your goggles, plus 2 rubber rings to go between the circuit board and the white filter. It is very easy to put together and to get it to work in just a few minutes.

... Very easy !

MIDI Goggles KIT in stock as well

Grunge Silver Cyber Goggles in stock (limited)

Grunge Bronze Cyber Goggles in stock (limited)

Grunge Copper Cyber Goggles in stock (limited)

Other designs (made to order)

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